We currently have a maintenance programme in place, but could we be missing something?

In the US and Canada, a Compliance Gap Analysis is a thorough study of your inspection methods and documentation, preventive maintenance program, repair processes and operator safety. Konecranes professionals tour your plant making notes and compiling information from discussions with designated crane operators and plant personnel. We provide a summary of any safety issues discovered that may need immediate attention as well as a final report for action plans.


Are your cranes fit for the future?

If you’re considering whether a modernization is a valid option, you need a tool to help make decisions about the future use of your cranes. A Crane Reliability Study is an engineering assessment that evaluates the current condition of your crane and provides a theoretical estimate of its remaining design life and recommendations for next steps.


Transform your existing crane with a modernisation

Modernisations can provide a complete transformation of your existing crane as an alternative to replacing it. Modernisations can also give you an opportunity to add current technologies. Common modernisations include replacing hoists, trolleysoperator cabs and controls to achieve increased capacity, speed, duty and load control.


Making vintage cranes a thing of the past

“Konecranes provided us with a much safer way to run our cranes. We have gained in productivity, safety, and we’ve had no inspection or detection problems since we’ve done this work. There have also been no repairs whatsoever. In the long run, this modernisation is going to save us a lot of money. And when it comes to safety, we can’t put a price on it. That’s priceless.”

Jerome Mead
Operations and Quality Manager, AM Castle Metals