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Planned Repairs

Plan Repairs To Keep Ahead

Correcting known faults helps you prevent malfunctions, improve safety and maximize the availability of your equipment. Minimize your downtime by arranging service well in advance, according to your repair budget and site needs.

Planned repairs always start with inspections and maintenance reports. If the report documents incidents that occurred during the normal operation of your equipment, then a repair may be needed. Scheduled maintenance might also identify points that do not yet need repair, but based on their current condition, probably will soon. And sometimes components exceed their useful lifetime and must be replaced, no matter how carefully they are maintained. No part lasts forever.

In every case, you need a skilled technician who knows your machinery, replacement parts to bring it back to full working order, and time for the work to be carried out. Knowing all this ahead of time helps you plan your operations, to ensure your equipment is in use as much as possible, and in repair as little as necessary.

Planned repairs are often defined in a preventive maintenance contract. A contract helps you to control the scheduling and costs of repairs. Konecranes recommends regular service to maximize the safety and reliability of your port lifting equipment.